Ways To Reduce Bad Bathroom Smells

1)Air freshener

Let’s be honest here air fresheners aren’t the best or healthiest way to take care of bathroom odors. However, they are practical in a pinch, especially if the odor is strong.

2)Keep your bathroom well ventilated

Keeping good ventilation means two things in your bathroom: having a good vent, and keeping the door open when not in use. Vents remove humidity while showering or bathing, and bad odors when doing your business.

3)Clean up your bathroom

We suggest you clean your bathroom once a week, with an in-depth, thorough clean once every month or two. Not only is that good general maintenance, but it’ll also help reduce odors on a day-to-day basis.

4)Take out the trash

Empty your bathroom trash can regularly, not only when it’s full. If you want to save on trash bags, you can always empty can into your bigger kitchen trash when you take it out.

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