Ruaka: The soul of the two cities

Its obvious that we are not yet at a point where we can comprehensively write about Ruaka as a thriving residential hub and an emerging powerhouse. It has become a gem stuck between semi urban appeal of Kiambu and the modernization of Nairobi. Ruaka hosts a myriad of personalities, from home seekers, investors, corporations and so on. Its because, as it is Ruaka is blessed, to say the least.

For outsiders seeking a less polluted and sparsely populated, urbanized area then Ruaka isa true catch! Unlike, most upcoming estates in Nairobi, Ruaka still maintains a level of cleanliness unmatched elsewhere. Among its many newcomers are the recently popular shopping amenities which are located just a few hundred meters from Ruaka Shopping center.

You can easily walk into a coffee shop in Two rivers(the largest shopping mall in Kenya) or Rossyln riviera on your way from work. These two are themed differently and cater for different clientele. For high end shopping experience you can always walk into The village Market. But don’t be fooled by all these modern malls; Ruaka still maintains a sense of country grammar with its extensive choices of groceries stores and affordable goods around its shopping center. Therefore, all classes of people are well catered for in Ruaka.

Along the Northern bypass are great entertainment joints alongside they Mamlaka hill chapel. Ruaka is strategically located for travel to various part of the country while driving or commuting.

As I said, we will keep on writing about Ruaka and if you are not already hooked to the place take our words for it! You will fall in love with the place the minute you land there!

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